Profiling transforms people

Our profiling tools have changed lives – and they can change your life too!  

By knowing what we’re innately good at doing we can choose the career path where success will come easily, our talents will be recognised and appreciated and we’ll get the maximum enjoyment from every hour we spend at work.  

By knowing the profile of team members we can ensure people are assigned the tasks best suited for their unique talents and temperaments, are managed and directed appropriately and work collaboratively as a team focused on success.

Profiling helps us know how to best communicate with other people; we can say what we’re really feeling and receive the respect we deserve for our ideas and opinions, building honest and open relationships with colleagues, partners, families and friends.  

The Worldwide Leaders in Profiling

The Strong Interest Inventory

Strong is the world's most popular profiling assessment tool that helps individuals to identify the possibilities for career by identifying their interests and linking them to careers. Click here for more

Extended DISC Behavioural Styles

Extended DISC helps individuals to understand themselves, their likely behaviours and emotions. This helps people to relate to themselves and others more effectively. Click here for more

PROFILE Coaching Options


Work with us one on one for your personal development, our services are fully tax deductible if you are in business. We provide a full coaching and profiling service for individuals who want to make the most of themselves and be the best that they can possibly be. Couples coaching services too.

Group Training

For organisations, schools, small business teams or not for profit groups. Our workshops are tailored to your specific needs. We offer sessions that can include profiling communication, relationship building, customer service, sales, leadership, resilience & wellbeing and more.

Profiling Certification

We offer certification to use the Extended DISC® suite of products in your own workplace or with your own coaching clients.  Training is available one on one or in small groups via zoom. We customise to your needs and can be flexible with our training times.

Marina Shearer - Director PROFILE Coaching

Based in North Canterbury, New Zealand Marina has 30 years experience in profiling. She studied psychology at the University of Canterbury and holds a diploma in Professional Coaching. She is a registered Master Trainer with HR Profiling and is certified by Myers Briggs to offer the Strongs Interest Inventory.

After graduation she spent 5 years working for CLEAR Communications as a facilitator/consultant. From there she went to NZIM (NZ Institute of Management) and spent 15 years facilitating and coaching for them. She is currently a facilitator for MHERC (Mental Health Education & Resource Centre) and also is co-founder of a mentoring and coaching programme for high school aged girls.

Hannah McManus - Extended DISC Practitioner

Located in Christchurch, Hannah is a certified Extended DISC practitioner with a professional history spanning multiple industries. 

Hannah completed a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies majoring in Journalism and Professional Writing from the University of Wollongong in 2014, and has subsequently utilised this degree within the digital marketing, legal, furniture, tourism, and publishing spheres. Working across multiple industries has provided her with a breadth of experiences and insights into different corporate environments. 

In 2020, Hannah completed a Master of Arts (English) from the University of New England and also gained her ESOL Home Tutor certification from English Language Partners NZ. 


Having an Extended DISC assessment with Marina Shearer has been a very positive learning experience.  We did this as a family group and Marina's skills and expert knowledge enabled us to get the most out of the reports.  Marina guided us through it in a thoughtful and professional way.  A lot of what we thought about ourselves was affirmed and Marina helped us to dig that little bit deeper.  A great tool to learn more about yourself and those you live and or work with.

Sara Heard - Rural Coach

Completing the Extended DISC Certification with Marina was an invaluable experience. Not only did I get the benefit of my own personal Extended DISC report, but with Marina’s guidance and insight I feel confident in my abilities as an Extended DISC practitioner. The certification sessions were a great mix of coaching skills to successfully debrief participants in both one-on-one and team settings, and technical know-how in using the FINX platform to best suit me and my organisation. The wealth of resources now available to me to support my on-going development as a practitioner are fantastic. I highly recommend the Extended DISC certification to anyone working in the people/coaching space.

MIchelle Donnelly - BDO Chartered Accountants

I decided to book in for an Extended DISC behavioural report as I was in the midst of a life and work transition.  I live in Sydney so my debrief was done via zoom which worked really well.  The test itself didn't take a lot of time and I initially wondered how it would be able to understand me.  When I got the report back I found the information in the report to be extremely accurate and I could relate to so much of what it said.  Marina walked me through the report, pointing out areas that are learned behaviours and explaining my strengths and opportunities.  I learned about the things that zap me of energy and also where my strengths are.  It all made complete sense to me.  I found the process and Marina's debrief to be incredibly helpful and I would definitely recommend to others.  Marina is a warm, engaging facilitator and her insight and understanding of this report along with how it applies to your life and work was incredibly helpful to me.  Highly recommended.

Janelle Ruthven - Owner of The Grace Files

"Struggling through our relationship and determined to succeed we were persuaded to see Marina and get our profiles done after hearing such high praises from friends who had been before. We went into the session both nervous and doubtful, but we came out of it confident, inspired and with a truly deep understanding of not only each other, but ourselves. We were fascinated at the accuracy of the results and came to better identify where our issues arose and why. Since seeing Marina we have had numerous wholesome discussions and have become stronger individually as well as together. This is a process that anyone and everyone would greatly benefit from, especially as an individual. Thank you so much Marina. I brag about you to anyone who listens."

Sylvia Ayana - Rural Client

I work in the education sector and manage a team.   My Extended DISC experience with Marina helped me to understand my strengths and to play to them in my leadership.

Shirley-Anne Thornbury

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