improve productivity ~ develop relationships ~ resolve conflict ~ leaderships skills ~ thrive through stress ~ increase motivation ~ grow your team

Our team of coaches are competent zoom facilitators as well as speakers for conferences and in-company events.

Coaching is a powerful way to empower and support individuals in their personal and professional development. We provide 1-1 and group coaching depending on your needs.

Every coach on our team is certified to provide coaching and psychometric profiling to assist in the growth and development of yourself or your team. Profiling helps you to first know and understand yourself and gives you an insight into your own behaviours and then assists you to navigate your way through your personal and professional relationships.

Coaching can help you with your relationships, it can assist you in your communication with other people so that you can say what you’re really feeling and receive the respect you deserve for your ideas and opinions. Coaching can help you to build honest and open relationships with colleagues, partners, families and friends.  

Through profiling you can explore what you are innately good at doing; this knowledge can assist you to choose the career path where success will come easily, and where your talents will be recognised and appreciated. When you find your niche in work you will get maximum enjoyment from every hour you spend at work. Profiling helps to identify individual competencies, strengths and preferences and develop a group’s potential by growing together. We provide team development training days.

By knowing the profile of your team members you can ensure people are assigned the tasks best suited for their unique talents and temperaments. Teams are then managed and directed appropriately and work collaboratively.

Photo-Marina Shearer facilitating

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