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Personal and Professional Coaching for individuals, teams and coaches. We provide coach-coach certification and support as well as a full training and coaching service for workplaces, small businesses and individuals. Our key areas of focus are improvising productivity, relationships, reducing conflict and stress and increasing motivation.

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Profiling helps us know how to best communicate with other people; we can say what we’re really feeling and receive the respect we deserve for our ideas and opinions, building honest and open relationships with colleagues, partners, families and friends.  

By knowing what we’re innately good at doing we can choose the career path where success will come easily, our talents will be recognised and appreciated and we’ll get the maximum enjoyment from every hour we spend at work.  

By knowing the profile of team members we can ensure people are assigned the tasks best suited for their unique talents and temperaments, are managed and directed appropriately and work collaboratively as a team focused on success.

We provide a full coaching service for your individual personal development or a facilitation option for team development.

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PROFILE Coaching are certified providers of the Strong interest inventory assessment. This profile is perfect for career guidance and tertiary planning.


PROFILE Coaching are certified providers of the Extended DISC suite of reports. This profile offers a wide range of Inter and Intra personal development opportunities.


PROFILE Coaching offer worldwide certification in the Extended DISC Suite of Products. Join our team and receive free ongoing support in your own coaching business.


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