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In a world where everyone expects continuous improvement, high performance and standards of excellence we offer you SUSTAIN a workshop designed to recalibrate.


Finding balance is easier said than done for many individuals. We are all uniquely challenged with different circumstances that weigh on us in different ways. Everyone is juggling family, health, finance, workplace expectations and community contribution. As a nation we recognise the importance of wellbeing but still the message to “soldier on” is pumped into us. Many individuals are suffering from anxiety and stress related illnesses that are caused from not having the knowledge and understanding about how they operate as an individual. There is no one-size fits all approach to managing wellbeing; we offer a tailored approach that recognises the differences that each individual has. When you include an Extended DISC wellbeing report with your training you are giving yourself and your team the keys to self understanding.

This workshop is a about learning how to SUSTAIN amidst the expectations of others.


Sustain is a 3 hour workshop that includes the following:

What you can measure you can manage: Identifying your productivity, relationship competence, self confidence and mental health issues.

Counting the cost: an analysis of the unique impact of stress on individuals.

Brain chemistry: the impact of neurotransmitters and how to manage your body’s response to stress.

Mindfulness techniques: that you can adopt easily to reduce pressure and respond to demands placed on you.

The link between creativity and thriving. How to establish a creative practice.

Understanding your energy consumption: We all have areas of competence that require less energy consumption than other areas that draw from us heavily, identify your battery drainers and decide how to manage your limited supply of energy more effectively.


Understanding your stress profile.

Understanding your adjusted behavioural profile.

Understanding how to relate to other styles in ways that will reduce your own stress.


This workshop will be presented by Marina Shearer.

This workshop can be delivered via YouTube, Zoom or face to face.

Sustain is a 3 hour stand alone workshop, or you can find another 3 hour module from our options and create a full day event.

We recommend participants have an Extended DISC profile to assist them understand themselves better. (View our sample wellbeing report here)

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$99 + GST Individual pre recorded – you will receive a YouTube link to watch the 3 hour workshop in your own time.

$450 + GST One to One coaching through this topic either as 1 x 3 hour session or 3 x 1 hour sessions via zoom

$1000 +GST for up to 20 people to participate in a live zoom training.

$1500 + GST in house at your place for up to 20 people. Extra expenses may be incurred for travel. Please contact us for a quick confirmed quote.

Wellbeing reports are not included in the facilitation rates but are $295 + GST for 1 report or $250 + GST for multiple reports. Each report includes a 1 hour 1-1 live coaching debrief of the entire report.



Senior Management

Team Leaders

Front Line Staff

Small business owners

University students