We have over 60 years of combined facilitation experience and if we can’t help you we have a network of colleagues whom we may be able to recommend for your needs. We offer pre recorded training, face to face facilitation or live virtual facilitation through the zoom platform.

Choose from one of our existing workshops or discuss the option of a custom created solution tailored to your teams specific needs.


In a world where everyone expects continuous improvement, high performance and standards of excellence we offer you SUSTAIN a 3 hour workshop designed to recalibrate, provide practical and useful tools and the knowledge to change the way you understand and care for yourself. MORE INFORMATION


We have a team of Professional Coaches who are part of our network of providers. You are welcome to discuss your needs with us and we will recommend a coach and introduce you to them so you can establish whether you click; the essential key to effective coaching. Our pricing is $150+ GST per hour or 10 sessions for $1400.00 + GST. Please email for a free coaching consultation.

We are able to provide coaching in the following areas

Small Business Management

Relationships and Communication

Career Changes and Redundancy

Wellbeing and Stress Management

Stepping into Leadership

Team Development and Management issues

Extended DISC profiling with Marina Shearer has been a very positive learning experience. We did this as a family group and Marina’s skill and expert knowledge enabled us to get the most out of the informative reports. Marina guided us through it in a thoughtful and professional way. A lot of what we knew about ourselves was affirmed and Marina helped us to dig that little bit deeper. A great tool to learn more about yourself and those you live and work with.

Sara Heard, Farming Business: North Canterbury

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