Strong Interest Inventory

Clients receive a login to an online assessment that takes approximately 45minutes.  Reports are created and emailed no more than 24 hours later.  Debrief sessions are then booked at your convenience and conducted via zoom or face to face if in the Canterbury region.


More about the STRONG Report

This report is a combination of the work of two career theorists E.K Strong and J.L. Holland.  It is described as “a powerful method for matching the interests of an individual with jobs, education and leisure activities” (Grutter & Hammer, 2012).

Strong assessments are based on Holland’s theory of interest types and this is currently the most dominant theory in career assessment (Armstrong et al.,2008).

The theory is based on the assumption that people are naturally attracted to activities that they enjoy, so they develop skills and abilities in these areas and only develop skills in areas that are uninteresting to them if they are required to do so (Grutter &Hammer, 2012).

An acronym has been created from the first letter of each of the categories; RIASEC. Your report will give you a RIASEC score that will help you to make decisions about your future potential career and whether the fields of study that you are contemplating are aligned with your natural interests.  Sometimes individuals choose study based on other influences like the job market, or the advice of another person.  When your RIASEC score has been established you will be able make more informed decisions.

Strong is rigorously tested to ensure that their reports are both valid and reliable, information about the validity of this quantitative test is easily accessed with a quick google search.  It has a long history of being the most reliable assessment for careers.

The Strong Report includes the following:

1.  Login to the secure platform to take your assessment test – allow 45 minutes

2.  An emailed report sent within 24 hours of taking the assessment test

3.  A debrief link to assist with a full understanding of your report.  

Strong Interest Report

Price: $295+GST per person includes the report + debrief.


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