Extended Disc

Extended DISC is an online assessment tool that provides accurate insight into human behaviour for personal and professional development.

Extended DISC Options

  1. INDIVIDUAL: 1 on 1 debrief for personal/professional development
  2. COUPLES/BIZ PARTNERS: 1 on 2 debrief for personal/professional development
  3. ORGANISATION: Group debrief and coaching for team development.
  4. CERTIFICATION: For coaches and HR Professionals who would like to gain their own practitioner certification and be able to provide the Extended DISC suite of products to their own clients. Learn more.

Reports are fully customisable with up to 1500 behavioural competencies that can be measured and included in reports.

Reports provide a natural and adapted behavioral measurement.  This helps individuals to understand how much they are altering their behaviours for their current environment.

Reports include the flexibility diamond as shown below. This illustrates where an individual can operate from naturally with very little effort. As shown by the blue coloured area and where individuals can operate with some effort (dark and pale grey areas) and where they will find tasks taxing (white areas).

Reports provide comprehensive information about personal preferences which help individuals to understand and accept their uniquenesses.

A snap shot of information from a report


Your motivation is likely to decrease if these situations are present.

  • Uncertainty and insecurity
  • Being a key person
  • Having to take a stance suddently
  • Total strangers
  • Taking risks
  • Public performances
  • Doing other people’s duties
  • Restlessness
  • People stepping on others toes
  • People talking without having anything to say
  • Personal criticism


You are more likely to respond positively if these motivators are present or increased in your world/workplace.

  • Security
  • Knowledge about future
  • Reliability
  • Appreciation as an expert
  • Associating with honest people
  • Predictability of things
  • Opportunity to be silent when needed
  • Respect from other people
  • Thorough progress
  • Lots of information to support decisions
  • Defending achieved positions
  • Considered decision making


These strengths come easily and naturally to you and take little energy

  • Can be concerned about things for a long time
  • Works according to a given criteria
  • Can concentrate
  • Controls oneself
  • Wants to know what will happen
  • Lets the team make the decisions
  • Is part of the team
  • Reliable when the competition is not tough
  • Believes in and assured by long term trust
  • Doesn’t live in a fantasy world
  • Respects others opinions too
  • Can wait

Pricing for Extended DISC

Single Report

Extended DISC Single Report without debrief. Price: $145+GST.


Only recommended if you have prior knowledge of how to read a report.

Single Report + Debrief

Extended Disc Single Report + 60 minute debrief/coaching via Zoom. Price: $295+GST


Multi Person Report

Two Person Disc Report debrief/coaching via Zoom. Price: $500+GST.


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