The purpose of profiling is to assist you to understand yourself better, this will help you to make decisions about your future that are best for you.

When we know who we are the world makes a lot more sense.  Most of us operate from a level of understanding that is very basic.   

It’s very simple; profiling is the only solution that will help you gain awareness about yourself and debriefing with a qualified coach unlocks the full meaning of the reports.

We recommend Extended DISC for support in understanding yourself, your communication styles, your confidence and your competencies. 

We recommend the Strong Interest Inventory for career planning and tertiary study preparation.

PROFILE Coaching are certified providers of the Strong interest inventory assessment. This profile is perfect for career guidance and tertiary planning.


PROFILE Coaching are certified providers of the Extended DISC suite of reports. This profile offers a wide range of Inter and Intra personal development opportunities.


PROFILE Coaching offer worldwide certification in the Extended DISC Suite of Products. Join our team and receive free ongoing support in your own coaching business.