19 May Christchurch

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Extended DISC® One Day Practitioner Workshop 19 May 2020 Christchurch

This workshop is limited to 10 participants.  Venue to be advised

The Extended DISC® System empowers you and your clients to get the best from people, improve performance and the bottom line.

The Extended DISC® System is a world renowned, online profiling process providing organisations with real solutions to human resource issues. Easy to use, comprehensive and accurate, it is tried and tested and provides a great tool for managers, consultants, coaches, HR teams and business development specialists.

The Extended DISC® Behavioural Assessment is more than just a 'snapshot' of current behaviours, it generates an understanding of natural behaviours, work styles and communication preferences, along with a clear outline of likely motivators, demotivators, team dynamics and interactions. The assessments are used in numerous industries and specialty areas such as sales, management, change, recruitment, promotions and career planning. 

This one day Accredited Practitioner Workshop will empower you with in-depth, practical information on human behaviour, and will provide you with an Extended DISC® certification so that you can use the diagnostic tool with your people and confidently debrief them on their behavioural assessment. Additionally as part of your registration on this course, you will receive  your  own FREE Extended DISC® Assessment so you can get started.

LEVEL 1 - Accredited Practitioner
Cost - $1250

You will spend a full day covering 
the background of the Extended DISC® Model of behaviour, examine the four main behavioural styles and combinations. You will gain an understanding of how people are motivated, approach tasks and goals, experience stress and are likely to communicate. Furthermore, you will learn how to identify the 10 Special Cases (emotions) in the graph profiles that are not written in the reports. The outcome of this course is that you will be qualified to debrief an individual behavioural assessment using the Profile Graphs, Diamond Maps and identifying Special Cases to discuss.


  • Background to the questionnaire. 
  • The FinxS Product Assessment Suite.
  • Learn about EDISC Behavioural Styles, reactions and communication. 
  • 5 step Debriefing: Profile I and 2, Understanding the Extended DISC Diamond, Special Cases