Thrive for Girls Life Ready Programme

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  • 4 live zoom group coaching sessions during September .  Catch up recording available for those who cannot make the live event.

  • Membership to a private Life-Ready Facebook group

  • Daily emails that will provide a daily injection of motivation, self development, valuable information and challenging stretches for those who want to push themselves that bit further in life.

Topics that will be included in the coaching

    1. mindfulness techniques to help you enjoy life and manage stress better
    2. forming winning habits that will bring you success
    3. communication skills that are essential for your future
    4. networking skills to help you maximise the relationships around you to help you succeed
    5. relationship building skills that will help you to understand and relate better to others
    6. self confidence to be who you are and hold your head up high
    7. anxiety busting methods for coping when you feel like you can't
    8. vulnerability, the pros and cons of being vulnerable
    9. goal setting to lift your game 
    10. public speaking skills that will help you be heard