Thrive for Girls Job Ready

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Access Job Ready for 1 month.  Go through our programme at your own speed at your place.  Get support from our coaching team while you are working through the Job Ready programme.

Topics that will be included in the coaching

  • Anxiety - how to diminish fear and be more confident
  • Self Esteem - the importance of self belief 
  • Goal Setting - skills to assist you to create and achieve great goals
  • Interview Skills - the basics of interviewing well
  • Emotional Intelligence - how to show that you have this in your toolkit
  • Proactive Job Seeking - how to get ahead of the competition
  • Personal Presentation - the importance of looking the part
  • Social Media - using LinkedIn to network and understand the power of social
  • Networking - using all your networks to assist you 
  • Saying No - find out when and how to say No when you really need to.