Thrive for Girls Exam Ready Programme

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  • 20 Exam Ready lessons that will provide the injection of motivation and information for exam success.

Summary skills - manage your notes and know what to study for

Read for meaning - how to read on, between, and beyond the lines 

Structure skills - format an essay and get to the point for great marks

NCEA Tips -  know what the examiners are looking for and give it to them

Ask for help - how to maximise your teachers

Tutorials - get the most from a tutorial with our tips on how to use them best

Time Management - how to ensure you study enough for each subject and juggle your life

Personal Organisation - how to organise your study space for success

What to study - essential skills and content

How to study - tips and tricks

Learning Styles - know your style and maximise your learning

Well-being - create an effective food, sleep and exercise plan

Overcoming challenges - staying positive when it gets tough 

Procrastination - how to stay focused and see your progress

Anxiety - dealing with exam fears effectively

Exam ready - navigate before, during and after exams stages successfully