February 25 Rotherham

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Date: February 25
Venue: 232 Rotherham Road North, Rotherham, North Canterbury
Time:10am - 12noon
Step up to better personal and professional relationships in 2020 with Profile Coaching's Master Trainer Marina Shearer

Learn how to understand and predict human behaviour.

Identify how to plan your interactions with the intention for success.

Find out about the difference between "Task" People and "People" People.

Find out about the difference between "External" People and "Internal" People

Find out how to predict decision making
Find out how to predict conflict reponses
Find out how to prepare to deliver bad news

Most importantly establish how to present an idea that will be easily accepted and agreed to.

Optional Extra: stay on afterwards and join those who want to dig deeper. Enjoy lunch together and then dive into your own Extended DISC profile with a Group Debrief. Save $100 when you participate in Group Debrief.

Marina studied psychology at Canterbury University and went on to be a coach and speaker for CLEAR Communications and the NZ Insititue of Management. In the last year she has received her status as Master Trainer for HR Profiling and upskilled with a NZ Diploma of Coaching. Marina consults for MHREC in NZ and has her own coaching and consulting business.