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"Completing the Extended DISC Certification with Marina was an invaluable experience. Not only did I get the benefit of my own personal Extended DISC report, but with Marina’s guidance and insight I feel confident in my abilities as an Extended DISC practitioner. The certification sessions were a great mix of coaching skills to successfully debrief participants in both one-on-one and team settings, and technical know-how in using the FINX platform to best suit me and my organisation. The wealth of resources now available to me to support my on-going development as a practitioner are fantastic. I highly recommend the Extended DISC certification to anyone working in the people/coaching space."

Michelle Donnelly BDO Chartered Accountants


Extended DISC® Practitioner certification  is open to anyone who wishes to become a qualified practitioner of Extended DISC® products.  

Profile COACHING are certified to offer this training worldwide.


* full training - 6 hours (available via zoom)

* a personalised Extended DISC report for yourself

* coach support while affiliated with Profile COACHING.

*access to a FINX database account that stores your client profiles.

* the ability to purchase profiles at a wholesale rate

* a practitioner certificate issued by HR Profiling Ltd.

* access to VIP login with HR Profiling Ltd.

* access to ongoing webinars and personal development through HR Profiling Ltd.

To discuss certification further please email info@profilecoaching.co.nz or call Marina on 027 591 6555

After training certified practitioners are required to purchase 10 wholesale profiles to open their FINX account.  Please contact us for the current wholesale charge for this.  

Once certified practitioners have flexibility with their own charging structure.