Life Ready Programme September 2020

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  • Live zoom coaching sessions

  • daily emails that will provide learning, motivation and information 

  1. mindfulness techniques to help you enjoy life and manage stress better

  2. forming winning habits that will bring you success

  3. communication skills that are essential for your future

  4. networking skills to help you use the people around you to help you

  5. relationship building skills that will help you to understand and relate better

  6. self confidence to be who you are and hold your head up high

  7. anxiety busting methods for coping when you feel like you can't

  8. vulnerability, the pros and cons of being vulnerable

  9. goal setting to lift your game 

  10. public speaking skills that will help you be heard


I have gained lots of knowledge about myself during this course. One thing that I got from this group which surprised me was that it brought me and my mum closer, we talked about the group, about what was being posted and about what I was finding out about myself.  Thank you for this awesome opportunity.  Holly 2020 Life-Ready participant