April 4 West Eyreton

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Welcome to the place where your self confidence will begin to flourish

Join your 2 passionate facilitators Lucy Hunter Weston and Marina Shearer on

April 4 from 10am - 4pm for a mixture of connection, understanding, confidence, inspiration and much more.

This workshop is being held at West Eyreton, North Canterbury.


Full catering supplied.


CONVERSATIONS WITH THE MIRROR: Speaking to yourself with the right messages and stopping the wrong ones from taking over your thinking.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS: There is no less than or more than woman, be defined by who you are not what you do.

WHO NOT WHAT: You are defined by your who-ness not your what-ness. Allow yourself to be defined by who you are not what you have.

VALUES & BELIEFS: These are the compass that drive your direction. Do you know what you value and what you believe in.⠀You will find out here.

INVERTED KINDNESS: Can you share the kindness that you offer others towards yourself? Offering self kindness is the best kindness you can give.⠀

FEARS & FAILURES: How will you cope when the inevitable happens. What will you say to yourself? Let us help you prepare for the next fear and failure so that your confidence will not give way.

YOUR EMOTIONAL BANK ACCOUNT: How to take care of your energy supplies and use your limited resource of a day of energy well. Find out how to fill your energy supply back up when you feel depleted.⠀

All this PLUS you will have a 1-1 private photo sessions with the amazing Lucy Hunter Weston from @watermarkphotograpy

Photo Courtesy of @watermarkphotography