Workplace Profiling


Extended DISC® is available for Team Development.

Each person will receive a customised 20 page report via email prior to their individual or group debrief.  Organisations have a choice how they would like the debriefing to take place most organisations choose to have a fully facilitated debrief with everyone present together.  

Master Trainer Marina Shearer will debrief the group and explain how to understand all the facets of the comprehensive psychometric test.  

Further coaching is optional and available to organisations who may have specific needs that emerge as a result of the learning.

Extended DISC® Assessments are designed to provide users with practical action plans to enhance their individual, team and organisational performance.

Extended DISC® is based on the premise that there are no good or bad people, there are only different people. We all have the opportunity to improve ourselves by learning to recognise our personalities’ strengths and by accepting their existence and searching for new ways to use them.

Extended DISC® Theory is based on certain graphical elements that make the different assessments work together. The basic elements are:

  • The Four Quadrant (4Q) Model
  • Extended DISC® Diamond
  • Extended DISC® Profiles
  • Extended DISC® Percentages





Note: Extended DISC® Assessments are not affiliated with any DISC assessment tools that have previously been available. They are independent assessments and are only available through Extended DISC® International. Extended DISC® Assessments are the most advanced behavioural assessment system currently available.