Everyone is responsible for their own wellbeing, but for many it falls as a low priority in their life.  When our wellbeing is given the priority it should have in our lives then so many other things fall into place naturally.


  • We sleep well
  • We think clearly
  • We problem solve rationally
  • We recover from small episodes
  • We give good quality advice
  • We are share our thoughts
  • We feel in control


Mental Health Week September 21-27 

This is the week in NZ when we are reminded to take care of ourselves and each other.  One way to do this is to participate in a 60 minute workshop either face to face or via zoom that encourages sound wellbeing practices.  

Marina Shearer from Profile Coaching can offer a customised 60 minute presentation for you or your team to participate in.

Her wellbeing workshops are practical, grounded and useful.  

Email info@profilecoaching.co.nz for a proposal.


Enhance wellbeing through Extended DISC Profiling

Extended DISC profiling helps wellbeing because it gives participants an understanding of themselves, their strengths, their motivators and their stress profiles.  There is so much information in a profile that is helpful for wellbeing.  Whenever an individual learns about themselves there is growth.