THRIVE Coach Marina Shearer invites Year 13 girls to apply for this premium coaching package

 Join a select group of Year 13 girls nationwide who are preparing for leaving high school 

Prepare in 2020 for an incredible 2021 doing exactly what you want to do



give your daughter the advantage of a coach for year 13

10 months of group coaching

40 weeks of inspirational direction

weekly live coaching in facebook

questions and answers

friendship building within the group

Only 1 Year 13 student will be accepted into a THRIVE coaching group from each school in NZ.  

There will be a maximum of 5 THRIVE coaching groups operating with a maximum of 25 girls 



March 1 at 7pm

be there from the start 

email now to request the information pack

A full overview of the THRIVE 40 week Coaching package will be emailed 
If your daughter wishes to sign up return the application form and we will advise if her application to join has been successful. 
Act quickly so your daughter has the best chance of acceptance 

Invest in year 13

Enable your daughter to THRIVE

$150 bimonthly or prepay for 10 months and save $50  

$700 for the full year if prepaid

 join the sponsors group for FREE and see exactly what your daughters are receiving every week.  Engage with other mothers/caregivers in this group.

Each group will have 25 Year 13 girls maximum


Your THRIVE Coach 

Hi I'm Marina Shearer, I've been happily married to my farmer husband Craig for 25 years we live in the small rural township of Rotherham and together we have 3 children.  A 22 year old son who has graduated from Canterbury University with a criminal justice degree and is about to begin his career in Christchurch.  A son in year 10 at Christchurch Boys High School who lives at Adams House and a daughter also in year 10 (twins) at Christchurch Girls High School who lives at Acland House.

I have a degree in psychology from Canterbury University and a Diploma of Coaching.  I consult to MHREC (Mental Health Resources and Education Centre) and am a Master Trainer with HR Profiling.  I have 30 years experience in coaching, consulting and facilitation.   With my own corporate career at the NZ Institute of Management behind me I am turning my time to supporting young women to be the best that they can be and encourage them at one of the most critical points in their pathway. 

I know how hard it is to get your own children to listen to your advice, I know how independent they want to be and I know how important it is that they receive the right advice and the right encouragement at the right time.  

My goal is to enable your daughter to THRIVE for the rest of her life.  In her final year of High School she has so many opportunities available to her, I want her to seize every one of them and thoroughly prepare herself for the big wide world.

Some students waste their year 13, already accepted into University or Polytech they think that year 13 is their social year.  I'm here to help them understand that while socialising is an important part of life, so is preparation.

When I was in high school my dream was to study medicine, due to the incorrect advice I received at high school I arrived at Otago University aged 17 on the back foot.  I met fellow students who had received preferential entry into Medicine in all the subjects I excelled in (Music, English, History, Drama) but I had been advised that I needed Calculas, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.  All the subjects I passed but not with flying colours.  If I had received the correct advice in High School I might have obtained preferential entry into medicine as well.  There was nothing I could do about it at that point.  At 17 I was one of thousands of students all over NZ trying for the handful of places that were left for second year medicine.  If only I had known.  

My story had a happy ending and I selected psychology as I thought this would be the closest I could get to medicine, it turned out to be a better fit for my personality and I thrived in the world of motivation, inspiration and human behaviour.

My goal is to help your daughter prepare for her first year out of High School and ensure that when January 1, 2021 rolls around it will be READY SET GO for her on her journey in whatever it is she has chosen.


What is Included: 

Week 1 – Maximising your final year of High School
Week 2 – Filling your CV with fabulous Year 13 opportunities
Week 3 -  Free mentors and advisors to guide your planning for next year
Week 4 – The pros and cons of gap years
Week 5 – Holiday jobs, how to find the best one and why to get one
Week 6 – Communicating with confidence when you don't feel confident
Week 7 – Personal image and personal presentation to your advantage
Week 8 – Behavioural Styles – Understanding DOVES
Week 9 – Behavioural Styles – Understanding OWLS
Week 10 - Behavioural Styles – Understanding PEACOCKS
Week 11 - Behavioural Styles – Understanding EAGLES
Week 12 - Social Media your best friend and your worst enemy 

To receive more information about the full 40 weeks email