Nicole Coyne

Diploma in Professional Coaching

Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Management

Extended DISC practitioner

International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coach


Nicole’s work has consistently been orientated around training, people development, coaching, business operations and all areas of human resources. Nicole believes that people are the most important asset in a business, from the CEO to the cleaner – if they are coached, guided, supported and looked after, they will in turn look after the business.

Nicole has worked at the strategic management level for nearly 10 years and has been in the franchise and people coaching business for over 17 years. Through all of these disciplines Nicole works very closely with people – individually and in groups – developing their ability to either grow within their careers or their business as well as assisting with interpersonal skills development.

Nicole is extremely passionate about business and personal coaching, she also provides programme development and group facilitation work specialising in customising programme content to assist in reinforcing your company goals and values.

Nicole also works in the academic world, facilitating papers for the Graduate Diploma/Certificate in Professional Coaching and the Bachelors of Applied Management for the Southern Institute of Technology, she also coaches Executive MBA students on behalf of Massey University.


I run a small business where up till now it’s just been me. As my business is growing it was important for me to understand myself and really be clear with what my strengths and areas of improvement are. This way as I grow my team I will be able to understand more clearly what aspects of the business I should work on to play to my strengths, what areas I should look to employ someone else in and what team members I am best to employ to compliment me. Completing the DISC profile was really insightful and has now equipped me with the right tools to grow my business in a positive and productive way.

Marina George