Clifton Strengths

CliftonStrengths™ is a psychometric, tool measuring cognitive formation and function. 

Strengths have a potential to transform the way you understand yourself and others.

People grow by self-awareness, reflection and a generative application of strengths.

Most people are taught to work on their weaknesses — to fix them. But instead, they should be learning how their strengths can overshadow their weaker areas. Being well-rounded doesn’t necessarily lead to higher performance. You can achieve the highest levels of success only when you stop trying to be a little bit good at everything and instead hone what you are naturally best at.

In other words: Focus less on being well-rounded and more on becoming better at what you’re already great at.

First, you will undertake the online strengths assessment which takes about 45 minutes. Then you will receive an email from Coach Treena to schedule your debrief.  The debrief will help build a solid understanding of your top 5 strengths, and you will learn how you can build and apply your strengths in your everyday life and future planning. This awareness will help you to take the opportunity to do what you do best, every day.

What you get:

  • online login for the assessment that should take 45 minutes to complete
  • a customised report emailed to you
  • a live 60 minute debrief via zoom with Dr Treena Casey
  • (face to face debriefing available in Auckland by arrangement)
A snap shot of information from a report

Team Debriefs available for organisations. Learn how your strengths can be used to enlighten your team to growth and perform better together. Contact us for a quote for a customised team session

Pricing for CliftonStrengths™

Clifton Strengths

Profile + 60min Zoom Debrief with Dr Treena Casey $245 + gst


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