Finding Your Way Forward

Finding Your Way Forward

Hannah is a typical young woman trying to decide which direction to take in life.  Advice comes from family, friends and teachers. There are many opportunities and different roads that can be chosen.  How is a young person supposed to make the best decision for their life?

Extended DISC® can take some of the confusion out of the choices by providing the client an accurate assessment of their strengths, motivators, skills, emotions and stress reactions.  With this information it is possible to make more informed choices about which direction to take.

Imagine having this information at the beginning of your career and how it could help you to focus your attention on the places where you could excel.  Your behavioural style profile identifies the places where a person operates with little energy consumption and those that will be a heavy drag on a persons energy tank. If you have ever heard anyone talk about their work not feeling like work to them, it is because their work is aligned with their strengths.

The Millennials want meaningful work, work that is aligned with their values system and they want to make a difference to their world.  Every Millennial can be helped along the road with an Extended DISC behavioural profile. 

An additional benefit of the Behavioural Analysis Report for a young person is that they can copy and paste whatever they want to out of their report and share it with potential employers.  Employers with this information will be delighted to have the information to help them make the decision to recruit the right person for their organisation.